Friday, July 29, 2011

My Family Binder

After struggling with organising bills, junk mail and letters, I have decided to start a family binder where we can file all the bills and any other important stuff in one place. Sorting out the bills and junk mail was easy. Filing it was easy too but sticking to it is difficult. So, I figured out a way to make sure I stick to it.

First, I needed to sort out all the papers.....

Then, I got a binder with alphabetical tabs. I filed Astro bills under A, etc...I also inserted plastic holders for smaller bills and stuff. I also filed my insurance receipt, statements, royalty payments...all in this file.

The unpaid bills that needed attention are put into the front of the binder which has a clear pocket in front. Every 15th of the month, I will settle all the bills and file it up. This means I need a puncher at the command centre too.

Ta da...this is the command centre. There is a container for all our keys which we are already using. then, I put the binder and a caddy with some pens, a scissors, marker pens, etc. There is another 3-tiered caddy nearby for knick knacks such as coins, brooches, ear rings gone astray, etc.. I also added a small calendar where I marked all the important dates for everyone to know..exam dates, my courses or conferences, dates that I will be away, upcoming weddings,etc.....

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